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your supplier of high-quality aluminium for the transport and industry sectors.



Almet Benelux supplies rolled and moulded sheet products, precision sheets, special sheets, aluminium composite materials, (round) bar, profiles and tubes to industry.



Almet Benelux offers a complete range of sheets and profiles for open and closed construction and tipper trucks. In addition, Almet manufactures side panels, loading and unloading equipment and loading ramps in house.



Almet Benelux supplies aluminium composite for façade construction, shipping, transportation, machine construction and interior design. In addition, Almet can take care of various processing operations in house.


About Almet Benelux

Almet Benelux is a supplier of high-quality aluminium for the Transport and Industry sectors. We have an enthusiastic and experienced team on hand in our Brussels and Breda offices to answer all your questions and requests.

Almet delivers standard aluminium products from stock, and additionally fulfils bespoke orders in large and small volumes. Almet is happy to work with you to ensure the right solution is found.

We are the point of contact for any questions you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us ››

Availability week 51 & 52

Logo kerst.png23 Nov Availability week 51 & 52  Week 51 We have a limited availability on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December because of our annual inventory.  Week 52 We have a overall business closure because of the... full story

New building nears completion

nieuwsbericht-1.jpg18 May The finishing touches are currently being put to our new building prior to the impending delivery. The new cranes are in place, the first machines are in place, and a start has been made to the ... full story

New online experience for Almet Benelux

nieuwe-website.png18 May A stunning new building naturally deserves an outstanding website. Within the framework of continuous improvement, we have also decided to give our online appearance a completely new look. full story

Almet is relocating. Construction has begun.

nieuwbouw1-almet.jpg01 Jan By mid-2017, we will be relocating to a beautiful new building in Etten-Leur. Construction on the new building is currently under way. See picture below. full story


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