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Almet Benelux is your partner for aluminium constructions

We have an enthusiastic and experienced team on hand in our Brussels and Etten-Leur offices to answer all your questions and requests. Almet delivers standard aluminium products from stock, and additionally fulfils bespoke orders in large and small volumes. Almet is happy to work with you to ensure the right solution is found.

Should you require more information about any products or applications that have caught your eye, please contact the relevant sales department.

Working at Almet Benelux


Almet Benelux descends from one of the largest suppliers of semi-finished aluminium products in the world, and has developed into a leading aluminium specialist in the Benelux.

We supply high-quality aluminium in sheets, bars, (system) profiles and processed products for the transport, industry and composite sectors. In order to be able to take part in the 24-hour economy, Almet Benelux supplies from stock, client-specific inventory and other factory parties. We are professional, service oriented, and work independently to create solutions to the challenges posed by you.


We have been investing continuously in our people, processes, equipment and materials since 1969. It is very important that our staff can share their creativity and passion; as well as successes.

Our distinctive character lies in providing expert advice, (further) developing the aluminium semi-finished products, and providing a bespoke service to (niche) markets. This is accompanied by offering a wide service package and excellent availability.


The current incarnation of Almet Benelux was established almost 50 years ago. The Swiss aluminium company, Alusuisse, wanted to achieve improved and more intense customer contact via a distribution network. As a result, Alusuisse was founded in the Netherlands in 1969. Alusuisse, which at that time was located in the Spaanse Polder in Rotterdam, focused on three sectors, namely: Industry, Automotive Bodywork and Architecture.

Under the banner of Alusuisse, we experienced tremendous growth and specialisation. Through close cooperation with Alusuisse factories, we have been able to develop many customer-specific materials and solutions. In 1993, we outgrew our premises and moved to a new address at Aluminiumstraat 1 in Breda.

In 1993, our Service Centre for Industry started with the purchase of the first Schelling Sheet Saw. In addition to the trade in aluminium products, the share of processed products grew steadily. The second Schelling Sheet Saw was purchased in 1996. In 2000, the Service Centre for Transportation was established, and a year later we extended our machine park with a Water Jet Cutting Machine.

In 2001, Alusuisse was taken over by Alcan, a Canadian aluminium group.

The French company, Pechiney, was incorporated by Alcan in 2005. As a result, Alcan became one of the world's three largest players in the aluminium sector. The English mining group, Rio Tinto, took over Alcan in the Autumn of 2007. After the takeover, Rio Tinto decided to sell those activities that did not form a part of its core business. Therefore, a good candidate was sought to take over all the European Alcan Service Centres for the European market. Since 2008, we have been operating under the name, Almet Benelux.


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